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A question I get all the time is “how do I find a good mortgage company in Grand Rapids?” To be honest people all over the world ask about finding a mortgage company but since I am in Grand Rapids I get asked about that city more often. I think that when you are choosing a mortgage company there are a couple of important factors you should consider.

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First it is important to use somebody local. If you are from Grand Rapids or West Michigan and are looking for a company to work with in the area you have the made the first right step. Local mortgage companies know more about the local housing market and are better suited to help you than a guy on the phone from Texas who can only offer you the potential for a low rate.

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The next thing you want to look for is online reviews. Many people make the mistake of simply doing their mortgage with the company who advertises the best rate. The problem with this is that the best rates almost always come with the most fine print.

If you shop solely based on the mortgage rate in Grand Rapids you might be in for a shock when the rate you thought you might get is leaps and bounds lower than what you end up with. If you go to a place that friends recommend you are more likely to get a fair mortgage deal with fewer surprises.

If you are in the Grand Rapids or West Michigan area, look at what other people have said about us online and give us a call. We are a local Grand Rapids Mortgage Company and have been helping residents of West Michigan with their home loan needs for over ten years.

Treadstone Funding is based in Grand Rapids and serves all of Michigan.

We have special teams trained and experienced in every major loan program including FHA mortgages, 203k renovation loans, Zero down mortgage options, Rural Development home financing, veteran home loans,  Conventional Mortgages, refinancing, and even debt consolidation. We are most known for our ability to streamline the purchase process for buyers using the FHA 203k

Renovation Mortgage Program. You can fix up the home you’re buying with up to $30,000 and have the work done before you even move in. It is for these reasons that the name “Treadstone” has become synonymous with great service throughout Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

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Of note Treadstone is also here to help people looking for mortgage companies in Lowell, MI. Mortgage Companies in Hudsonville, MI. Mortgage Companies in Jenison, MI. Mortgage Companies in Allendale, MI. Mortgage Companies in Grand Haven, MI. Mortgage Companies in Sparta, MI. Mortgage Companies in Grandville, MI, and more!

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